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Welcome to Airport Dental

It's often said and it's true, your smile says a great deal about you and it’s one of the first things we notice when we meet someone for the first time so it's worth paying as much attention to your smile as you do to other aspects of your appearance.

 We are an experienced dental team and are proud to deliver excellence, innovation and results that are second to none, using state of the art techniques in a practice dedicated to your comfort, wellbeing and most importantly, your smile.

We also offer Speech Pathology and Myofunctional Therapy services at Airport Dental. For more information please see our website  Tongue Thrust Therapy Clinic.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Feel & Look your best…

It’s never late for a great smile…

Periodontology: Healthy gums…

Oral Surgery: wisdom teeth and Implants…

Children and Preventative Dentistry…

Our passion is to make you smile…

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Meet The Airport Dental Team


Dr Diana Arcila

Practice limited to Periodontics

Dr Simon Briggs

Dr Simon Briggs

Practice limited to Oral Surgery & Implants

Dr Frank Quirk

Dr Frank Quirk

General Dental Surgeon

Dr. Mariela

Dr Mariela Rosa

Practice limited to Prosthodontics & TMD Treatment

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