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Dermal Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Everyone exhibits some type of facial wrinkling as they age. Dermal fillers and Anti Wrinkle Treatments has proved to be one of the most innovative and popular injectable rejuvenation treatments for smoothing out wrinkles and creases in order to maintain a more youthful appearance. 

This cosmetic treatment can smooth wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle movement and help prevent the wrinkles from becoming even deeper and more pronounced over time. 

Is most commonly used for smoothing of facial wrinkles including:

  • 'Frown lines' between the eyebrows

  • Forehead creases

  • 'Crow's feet' at the sides and corners of the eyes

  • Lip wrinkles.  Is especially beneficial for patients who are seeking subtle, natural-looking facial rejuvenation rather than the types of results offered by more invasive plastic surgery procedures.

Dermal Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Treatment



Has proved helpful in relieving pain and discomfort of TMJ and bruxism cases, especially for patients who are experiencing facial pain and moderate chronic temporomandibular joint pain. 

TMJ tension is relaxed and pain relieved in the jaw and neck area. Can also be incorporated into chronic pain treatment provided to alleviate TMJ headaches and other types of pain and discomfort that are associated with TMJ. 

Gummy Smile Treatment

Another application of Anti Wrinkle Treatment is its use in conjunction with a DERMAL FILLERS as a treatment for gummy smiles. Traditionally, dentists have used periodontal surgery to treat gummy smiles, but Anti Wrinkle Treatment and dermal fillers offer an innovative non-surgical alternative. 

Once a dermal filler is applied for lip augmentation along with Anti Wrinkle Treatment therapy, the lip cannot be raised as high because the muscles surrounding the lip are weaker. Correctly performed, the patient is unable to raise the upper lip to expose the gums but still has full capacity to chew, speak and kiss. 

Orthodontics - Relaxing/Retraining Muscles

Additional areas of dentistry make use of including orthodontic therapy where Anti Wrinkle Treatment is used in retraining muscles. 

When orthodontics are used to move teeth into their correct positions, if the patient has strong facial muscle movement, teeth can be pulled back into misaligned position. Post orthodontic treatment, The Anti Wrinkle Treatment is used to reduce the intensity of the muscle pull and eventually the muscle memory may be revised to perform more natural physiological movements. 



In addition to various wrinkles and folds that can occur on the face with age, the corners of the mouth can begin to turn down. These muscles around the mouth can be relaxed and result in the corners of the mouth being raised.

Wrinkles around the lips, often referred to as 'smoker's wrinkles,' can also be smoothed out with the use of Anti Wrinkle Treatment. 'Smoker's wrinkles' can easily occur for non-smokers because they are most often caused by strong contractions of muscles around the mouth. 

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