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Mini Implants or TADs 

Mini Implants or TADs (Temporary anchorage devices)

A TAD is a very small bone screw to use in certain orthodontic situations we want specific teeth to move and other teeth to not move. This is referred to as anchorage , and is an enormous consideration in planning orthodontic treatment. Tads help to control anchorage by allowing selective tooth movement.

For orthodontic anchorage are widely accepted. They are changing the way orthodontist treat some patient malocclusions. They can be placed in different sites of the mouth (placement is customized for each patient). They are inserted easily in minutes after applying a small amount of local anaesthetic to the gum . They are removed in few seconds when the desired tooth movements are achieved. Caring for your TAD generally requires only routine brushing. 

TADs may contribute to predictable results, shorter treatment time and completion of active treatment on schedule. Although small, the TAD does a big job helping you orthodontist move your teeth predictably into their optimal positions.

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